At Last... Master Mental Multiplication WITHOUT Memorizing Tables

Here's a demo video for you while I'm wrapping up the beta testing. To try the course for yourself, see details below the video. Thanks for sharing ;)

The course is for PC, Mac, SmartPhone or Tablet.
Sign up on launch day to pay just £5, instead of £30.
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What You Get

  • 1. Confidence

    Discover how much confidence children AND adults can gain, no matter how much they have failed before using traditional 'memorization' methods.

  • 2. Speed

    You'll be surprised at how quickly you can multiply even quite complex numbers using the 3 simple steps and easy pictures revealed in this system.

  • 3. Accuracy

    You won't be relying on your memory, so you'll even be able to accurately answer multiplication problems that you've never solved before.


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