20 Minute Tables

A typical six year old can learn their tables up to 12 x 12 without any painful memorization, with just two minutes of teaching a day over ten days and a little bit of fun playing a simple game.

But instead of memorizing answers, they'll be doing them with very fast mental multiplication skill, so they'll also be able to answer - quickly, accurately and confidently - problems like these:

41 x 12
48 x 6
50 x 27
635 x 11

What You Get

  • 1. Confidence

    Whatever times tables question comes at you, your response will be 'Yes! I can do that one' without hesitation.

  • 2. Speed

    You'll be answering times tables questions faster than ever before, even if you were already good at these.

  • 3. Accuracy

    You can forget about those ones you used to get wrong, because you're going to find them ALL easy from now on.


See for yourself how 20 minute tables gets you confident, fast and accurate with ALL of your times tables with just 20 minutes of teaching.

  • What's it About?

    Here's my personal promise to you.
    Discover what this 20 minutes
    of teaching will do for you.

  • How it Began

    Discover why this course
    was created in the first place,
    originally as a face-to-face course.

  • How it Works

    Explore 20 Minute Tables in detail,
    discover what makes it unique
    and the science behind it.




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